Sick Building Syndrome and Related Illness: Prevention and Remediation of Mold Contamination.

Editor: Walter E. Goldstein, Goldstein Consulting Company

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Description of Business Practice and Services Provided
Consulting in chemical engineering, biotechnology, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical processes and products, forensic laboratory design, fermentation, cell culture processes, biofuels, memorabilia/art damage, construction defects, industrial personnel accident liability cases, sick building syndrome prevention and remediation, environmental contamination control and remediation, and provision of expert witness-related research and testimony.

Services provided to:

  • Plan and implement research, development, and manufacturing programs to develop new and improved products with better cash flow prospects
  • Specify construction facilities, equipment, design and start-up of laboratory research, pilot plant, and manufacturing facilities and processes, and leading to successful marketing/sales of products
  • Guide development of biofuel processes to improve competitiveness and gain economic benefits
  • Guide introduction to regulatory authorities and develop a program to gain regulatory approval
  • Show how to assure safe processes and products by eliminating hazards and risks
  • Show how to provide better food formulations by optimizing nutritional aspects, reducing risk, maximizing potential health benefits, while meeting regulatory guidelines
  • Assist clients to be successful in construction defect cases by use of chemical engineering science analysis
  • Apply chemical engineering science mathematical modeling techniques to serve clients and provide best ways to prevent and remediate sick building syndrome and related Illness due to mold infestation
  • Provide insights and lead development of methods for clients to reduce, eliminate and control environmental contamination due to pharmaceuticals and personal care products.
  • Inspect pharmaceutical and food facilities for clients to assure they meet regulatory standards in order to attain successful and approved manufacturing
  • Serve as an Expert Witness and conduct investigations for clients that include attorneys, industrial firms, and insurance companies
  • Use scientific and engineering modeling to analyze art and memorabilia to determine timing and cause of defects and damage to thereby assist in resolving litigation
  • Work with attorneys to develop and implement a strategy to gain intellectual property
  • Analyze pharmaceutical formulations to assess delivery characteristics for optimal therapeutic value to assist clients
  • Analyze patents using modeling techniques to determine potential utility and ownership
  • Evaluate strategic partners, collaborators, and merger/acquisition candidates by analyzing both the benefits and negative aspects of business relationships
  • Develop competitive intelligence capabilities and identify key factors for market penetration to assist clients
  • Apply chemical engineering analysis techniques to analyze the causes of personnel accidents in order to maximize possibilities to obtain compensatory rewards for clients.

Experience with:

  • Publication of "Sick Building Syndrome and related Illness: Prevention and Remediation of Mold Contamination", including development of a unique mathematical model to be used in prevention and eradication of mold (Editor and co-author of 2010 book publication)
  • Publication (in press for 2014) of "Pharmaceutical Accumulation in the Environment: Prevention, Control, Health Effects, and Economic Impact", demonstrating how a challenge can be turned into a cash flow positive opportunity while protecting the health and well-being of society
  • Developing pharmaceutical ingredients including both therapeutic proteins and small molecules
  • Food processes, safety, and nutrition
  • Pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical situation reviews and analyses
  • Inspecting an overseas oral dosage pharmaceutical facility to provide suggestions and assess capability to meet cGMP standards in order to introduce a product in a timely manner
  • Evaluating and helping to implement a novel biofuels process that promises to be economically optimal
  • Developing methods for analysis of damage to memorabilia and art to estimate the timing, and causes of damage applicable for many insurance cases
  • Analyzing an oral dosage pharmaceutical formulation to assess patent novelty and parameters important to successful delivery into the blood stream to meet concentration-time requirements
  • Examining and recommending key aspects to consider for beverage flavoring systems to best meet nutritional and dietary needs within international food regulation constraints.
  • Providing design analysis for best aseptic processes for food and pharmaceutical products in order to maximize biological safety
  • Optimization of diagnostic devices for specific clinical needs based on experience in blood and urine testing
  • Examining key aspects in Inflammable Bowel Syndrome situations with intent to develop a model that can be used to guide development of remedies
  • Applying knowledge to improve agricultural products, dietary supplements, and herbal product formulations
  • General manufacturing implementation to improve the quality and minimize the cost of biochemical and chemical products
  • Developing a myriad of products based on biotechnology, fermentation, cell culture, immobilized cells, and enzymes to meet quality and cost objectives
  • Developing and implementing downstream process and purification and separations methods, including liquid-liquid extraction to meet product quality and cost objectives
  • Directing large and small research and development organizations to meet product and technology development targets
  • Conducting business development in the biotechnology and health care sectors leading to securing business relationships of value in several product areas
  • Building a small business based on a patent and business plan in order to produce Universal Blood from stem cells using a bioreactor process, avoiding donor blood
  • Accident reconstruction and investigation where chemical engineering science analysis is applied to develop important information to assess the case, provide testimony, and secure results
  • Design and implementation of a Forensic DNA Profiling laboratory service and training program
  • Implementation of a biodefense and anti-terrorist workshop training program
  • Design and Implementation of biosafety, food safety, biotechnology, and biomedical training programs

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