Pharmaceutical Accumulation in the Environment: Prevention, Control, Health Effects, and Economic Impact

Editor: Walter E. Goldstein, Goldstein Consulting Company

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Sick Building Syndrome and Related Illness: Prevention and Remediation of Mold Contamination.

Editor: Walter E. Goldstein, Goldstein Consulting Company

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Ph.D. in chemical engineering, University of Notre Dame, 1973 Dissertation: "An Investigation of Anomalous Osmosis and Thermoosmosis"

M.S. in chemical engineering, University of Notre Dame, 1971

M.B.A.,Michigan State University, Paper: "An Approach to Determination of Corporate Earnings", 1968

B.S. in chemical engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1961

Professional Accomplishments and Appointments

  • Publication of "Pharmaceutical Accumulation in the Environment: Prevention, Control, Health Effects, and Economic Impact", demonstrating how a challenge can be turned into a cash flow positive opportunity while protecting the health and well-being of society (Taylor and Francis Division, CRC Press, in press 2014)
  • Publication of "Sick Building Syndrome and related Illness: Prevention and Remediation of Mold Contamination", Taylor and Francis Division, CRC Press, 2010
  • Provided chemical engineering science analysis and expert testimony in 2012 to assist achieving a compensatory award for a client to help gain redress for the consequences of an industrial accident that occurred that seriously affected a party's well-being and quality of life
  • Provided analysis of a construction defect using chemical engineering modeling to assist in litigation in 2009 resulting in successful resolution for my client
  • Examined materials and provided engineering analysis of memorabilia/art damage resulting in important corroboration of the timing of events for client-2009
  • Organized a successful symposium on Sick Building Syndrome, American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting, February 2008
  • Provided chemical engineering input to assist in successful launching of a new biofuels process-2007
  • Led Biotechnology Center, Shadow Lane Campus, UNLV to help companies establish and build businesses and technology 2005-2008
  • Established first Forensic DNA Profiling Laboratory and novel short term added value training for the Biotechnology Center, UNLV 2003-2008
  • Developed valued short term workshop training and service programs in forensic science, biotechnology, anti-terrorism, public health, microbial identification, and biomedical fields at UNLV in 2005-2008
  • Co-inventor U.S. Patent 6455306, Transfusable Oxygenating Composition, September 2002
  • Steering Committee, Publicity and Program Management, Silicon Valley Chapter of the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals, 2000-2001
  • Chair & successful fund-raiser for the Northern California Pharmaceutical Discussion Group, 1996-1999, Board Member Advisor, 2000-2001
  • Invited to join a national panel on cancer convened by the Vice President of the United States, 1992
  • Provided seminars on Plant Cell Culture for Production of Flavors and Therapeutics, PRC, 1992
  • Chairman and co-organizer/fund-raiser for an Engineering Foundation national biochemical engineering conference, Biochemical Engineering VI, 1988
  • Advisor-- National Institute for Standards and Technology for their biotechnology program, 1985-1988
  • Recognized by Governor Robert D. Orr for contributions to Indiana's economy--Advisor to the State Corporation for Science and Technology, 1987
  • Member of a National Academy of Sciences Materials Advisory Board panel that produced a prophetic document for the application of biotechnology to minimize use of energy in producing added-value, cost effective chemicals, 1984.
  • Invited Judge of intercollegiate MBA competition at University of Notre Dame, 1980, 1984
  • Led development of ethanol process implemented in the New Energy of Indiana facility, the largest facility of its kind in the United States at the time, to pioneer the development of ethanol production, 1980
  • Provided seminars on Fermentation, Enzymes, and Starch Processing in the PRC, and thereby was part of one of the first groups to explore opening up the Peoples Republic of China for business with other nations following their cultural revolution, 1979
  • Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 1974-
  • Inducted into the Scientific Research Society, Sigma Xi, 197
  • Passed Examinations to qualify as a Registered Professional Engineer in Indiana, 1968


  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Sigma Xi
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences 2005
  • Association of Forensic DNA Analysts and Adminstrators 2005
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