Pharmaceutical Accumulation in the Environment: Prevention, Control, Health Effects, and Economic Impact

Editor: Walter E. Goldstein, Goldstein Consulting Company

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Sick Building Syndrome and Related Illness: Prevention and Remediation of Mold Contamination.

Editor: Walter E. Goldstein, Goldstein Consulting Company

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Questions and Answers

What business and Services do your offer?
Design of biotechnology processes, pilot plants, and manufacturing facilities and implementing their construction, design of forensic science and microbiological laboratory facilities, and training of professionals. Use of chemical engineering modeling techniques to analyze causes for memorabilia damage and construction defects. Design of economically advantageous biofuels processes. Use of a unique mathematical model to prevent mold formation that can cause damage to buildings (Sick Building Syndrome) and related illness such as asthma. Provision of creative input for business development and marketing. Training of personnel, economic evaluations, and introducing measures to help insure business stability and improvement of cash flow. Expert Witness services in diverse areas of technology and science based on primary expertise in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Improving process safety, assessing and minimizing risks, preventing accidents, and tracing problems to determine causes and solutions.

My varied experience and analytical/interpersonal skills has resulted in my developing unique ways to analyze business and technology to clarify and help resolve challenges. I create a realistic model of a firm's technology and business and forecast challenges that will be faced and ways to prepare for future events. I provide expert skills for litigation support and development of intellectual property. I advise on development of processes and products in my fields of expertise in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, foods, food safety, clinical diagnostics, and agriculture. I advise firms in general in industries where my strong technical skills in chemical engineering and science are advantageous. I use my modeling skills to provide Expert Witness services on cases to research them, guide planning to deliver effective testimony and to facilitate successful results on cases for clients.

How do you charge for work?
My fees will be typical and attractive for those requiring an expert witness or consultant. I am flexible in discussion of subjects. For new clients, a retainer is required.

How fast can you complete a project?
I am responsive to a client's needs and schedule. As a sole proprietor, my response time is relatively fast.

Will you travel and under what conditions?
I will travel. It is expected that expenses are fully covered and that compensation for major expenses such as airfare is provided in advance or directly billed to the requesting party.

Do you have experience in litigation?
I have been involved as an expert witness and consultant on several cases. During my time as an employee for Miles/Bayer, I provided skilled advice and guidance to counter major litigation that could have been financially damaging and harmful to the firm's image. I became quite skilled in giving depositions. My technical skills and practical understanding of legal aspects will allow me insight into a situation and help me to plan and also respond well to interrogation.

Please comment on your investigative skills
I am experienced in using primary/secondary sources to complete competitive intelligence to solve matters. I have a reputation of being a highly skilled "detective", able to derive information and data in creative ways. Information is clearly communicated, concise, thorough in content, and well organized. I have skills in applying my engineering and scientific training to investigative work, coupled with research and interviewing techniques.

How adaptable are your technology skills?
As demonstrated in my career, I have strong technical skills and can adapt to diverse areas to solve problems (for example, within biotechnology or in areas outside biotechnology).

Do you have any special talents of note?
I can create a defensible scenario for a firm's business that accomplishes what a financial analyst can do but goes beyond this because of insights I have into technology, organizations, and needs of people. I am noted for my skills and contributions to economic evaluation. I am skilled at facility design and identifying problems before they occur. My training in chemical engineering/practical health care helps to gain insights into areas of health care and needs, and in accident analyses and materials damage cases. My skills are applied to diverse areas of technology involving development of processes to suit a variety of products and to personnel situations where persons or companies have been harmed.